Short Fiction | 22 Min Approx | Hindi w English Subtitles

A youth indulges in a road rage brawl. He unknowingly triggers off a chain of events, tragically affecting the lives of many. Plunging into the maelstrom of urban life, the film explores the theme of alienation, where Prapti, a young working girl, sucked into the vortex of her confused relationships, tries to survive the agony.

Cast & Crew

Actors - Mehek Panjabi, Shekhar Kumar, Kuldeep Lulla, Aniruddha Mokashi, Madhu Sagar, Atul Krishnan, Ashok Kr Tiwari, Rachit Behl, Nitesh Tiwari,
Brijesh Sharma & Ishan Sharma
Associate Director - Bhavpreet Singh
Cinematographer - Abhijit Kondhalkar
Sound Design & Mixing - Asheesh Pandya
Film Editor - Anupama Chandra
Written & Directed By - Sunit Sinha
Produced By - Sanghamitra Chakraborty, Amit Sinha, Neeraj Suji & Pet Project Films

Assistants - Syed Ahmed, Ishan Sharma,
Shekhar Kumar, Aniruddha Mokashi, Mehek Panjabi, Lodam Gongo & Sonu Yadav
Production Support - Buntys Location Planet
Post Production Support - Films Rajendraa &
Syncline Films
Special Thanks - Shashwat Srivastava

Director’s Statement

The idea for the film, Virus, sprang from my personal growing aggression, and the feeling of alienation in a big city. Here, loneliness is seen as a social phenomenon capable of spreading like a disease. Chasing the idea of a secure life, millions of us rush in different directions every day, and collide with each other at different times, as we are, subconsciously, responding to the millions of stimuli present. The crushing density of city life makes it harder for us to focus, and hence interferes dangerously
with our self-control.

Awards & Screenings

  • 4th Siliguri International Short & Documentary
    Film Festival - 2014
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