Subah Ke Pehle

Short Fiction | 10 Min Approx | Hindi w English Subtitles

A young girl stranded at odd hours of the night attracts a man's attention. The film delves into the psyche of a sexually-repressed male whose racing thoughts range from pure indifference to presumed fear; almost leading him to an act of misogyny, before which an unthinkable happens.

Cast & Crew

Actors - Vineet Kumar, Rashmi Mann & Nitin Pareek

Cinematographer - Bhavpreet Singh
Sound - Iman Chakraborty
Film Editor - Anupama Chandra
Written & Directed By - Sunit Sinha
Produced By - Shotz-7 & Pet Project Films

Music - Shashwat Srivastava
Chief Assistant Director - Nitin Pareek
Colorist - Bhavpreet Singh
Stills - Karmpta Suresh
Production Assistant - Prashant Sharma

Awards & Screenings

  • International Film Festival of South Asia,
    Toronto, Canada - 2016
  • 4th Woodpecker International Film Festival,
    New Delhi, India - 2016
  • 9th Edition- Festival Île Courts, Mauritius - 2016
  • 10th Edition- SIGNS Festival, Kochi, India - 2016
  • 8th New Generations Independent Indian Film Festival, Frankfurt, Germany - 2016

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