Laal Jalti Hai Chita

Short Non-fiction | 12 Min Approx | Hindi w English Subtitles

For how long can a society choose to revel in the comfort of its own silence, turning a blind eye to brutal degeneration of itself? Can it deny its own culpability just by distancing itself from the deep moral crisis it maybe faced with? The film questions the passivity of the populace, while it reflects on the current socio-political climate.

Cast & Crew

Voice - Vineet Kumar

Cinematographer - Bhavpreet Singh
Sound Design - Iman Chakraborty & Anupama Chandra
Sound Mixing - Iman Chakraborty
Film Editor - Anupama Chandra
Colorist - Bhavpreet Singh
Written By - Raju Kumar & Sunit Sinha
Directed By - Sunit Sinha
Produced By - Pet Project Films

Acknowledgements - Shyam, the boatman; Office of Nigambodh Ghat; Actors of Jana Natya Manch; Actors of Jan Sanskriti; Protestors at Jantar Mantar

Awards & Screenings

  • Web premiere on 7 September 2017

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