Short Fiction | 07 Min Approx | Hindi w English Subtitles

A street child is picked up and brought home by a loner belonging to an affluent class. He intends to live out his dark fantasy, and in turn surprise his girlfriend. Little does the child know what the bored lover’s reckless game plan is. The film explores the theme of dehumanization set against the glitzy backdrop of a big city.

Cast & Crew

Actors - Mohammed Faruq, Ashwin Chadha &
Vaishali Chakravarty
Music - Shashwat Srivastava
Post Production Support - Bhamati Sivapalan
Script Idea - Sunit Sinha
Directed By - Sunit Sinha, Bhavpreet Singh & Subramanyam Suraj
Produced By - Impulse Films

Supporting Crew - Mitasha Chatterjee,
Abhijit Kondhalkar, Arvind Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Mehek Panjabi & Sanghamitra Chakraborty

Awards & Screenings

  • Golden Anteaters Film Festival, Lublin, Poland - 2012
  • Un Nuite Trop Courte, Grenoble International Short Film Festival, France - 2012
  • Antalya Lemon Short Film Days, Turkey - 2011
  • Guwahati International Short Film Festival (Indian Kaleidoscope Section) - 2011
  • Cinema of Resistance Film Festival, India - 2011

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    Copyright 2010 Impulse Films. This film was made as part of the intensive programme in filmmaking 2010, organised by Impulse every year. For details, check out:

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