Feature Film | 80 Min Approx | Punjabi w English Subtitles

‘Ranj’ is a story of a village youth, Amanpreet, who is driven to despair in a hostile big city. On the one hand, the film tells a murky tale of an individual’s struggle with the burden of expectations and his acute moral crisis; and on the other, it questions the notion of the modern-day progress, where materialistic growth has been hopelessly allowed to preside over social quietude.

Cast & Crew

Actors - Adesh Sidhu, Ekta Sodhi, Kuljeet Singh, V K Sharma, Madhu Sagar, Kriti V Sharma, Sukumar Tudu, Rakesh Singh, Nutan Surya, Raju Kumar, Ashok Tiwari & Rahul Nigam
Director of Photography - Bhavpreet Singh
Assoicate DOP - Nitin Pareek
Original Score – Shashwat Srivastava
Sound Design – Iman Chakraborty
Re-Recording – Sudeepta Sadhukhan
DI Colorist – Tushar Desai
Costume – Kriti V Sharma
Line Producer – Umadevi Tanuku
Film Editor – Anupama Chandra
Producers – Adesh Sidhu & Sunit Sinha
Written & Directed by – Sunit Sinha

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